Zenith Bank Transfer Code – Transfer Money from Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank Transfer Code– Zenith Bank is one of the largest financial service providers in Nigeria and Anglophone western Africa. The bank has been supplying excellent economic solutions to Nigerians after obtaining the commercial bank permit from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Zenith Bank is customer-oriented bank who has simplified the way of performing banking associated functions for its clients.

Zenith Bank account holders can access their bank accounts and perform transactional activities such as for example Transferring funds, Pay for your Electricity Bills, Pay for your DSTV registration fees, Check your Zenith Bank account balance, etc.

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How To Use Zenith Bank Transfer Code Service

Well, you need to start an account with Zenith Bank to make use of the Transfer code service on your cellular phone. Go ahead with the after directions to directly open up a Zenith Bank account without going right through the frantic process such as for instance going to the part, etc.

  1. Use your cellular phone to dial *966# to begin your Account Opening process.
  2. Pick the account opening option from the number supplied on the next screen.
  3. Supply the necessary details whenever prompted on your display screen.
  4. Confirm the process and wait for a few seconds for the verification message.
  5. You will get a confirmation message along with your Zenith Bank account on your phone number.

Of program, you may however have to see the part of Zenith Bank from time to time to make sure your account is active and fill up any extra information required by the Bank.

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How To Use Zenith Bank Transfer Code

zenith Bank Transfer Code
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You can use the Transfer Code center to perform operations such as Pay your Subscriptions expenses, Electricity Bills, Fund Transfers, etc. You don’t want to have Zenith online Banking to use Transfer Code service. Simply follow the treatments for each process as mentioned below.

How To Check Zenith Bank Account Balance

You can check your Zenith Bank Account balance from everywhere in the globe at any moment. Today you don’t have to check out your part manually or access a nearby ATM point to check your bank account balance. Dial *966*00# from your Registered Mobile Number of your Zenith Bank account to check your bank balance.

Once the bank’s host receives the demand, you will get a message of your Bank account balance on your phone number. Utilizing Zenith Bank Transfer Code, you can access your Zenith Bank Online.

How To Recharge Your Phone Number

You also can purchase airtime balance for your phone number utilizing the Zenith Bank Transfer code center. The asked for recharge amount may be debited right from your Zenith Bank to process the Recharge request.  Go to your Dialing pad and dial *966*Recharge Amount# to recharge your phone number that is signed up with your Zenith Bank account.


If you desire to recharge a different phone number, then you need to dial *966*Recharge Amount*Phone Number of the person# and wait for the verification message to show up. Once the recharge demand is sent, the amount are going to be debited from your bank account, and the exact same will reflect in your declaration too.

How To Transfer Money From Zenith Bank Account

Like a few various other finance companies in Nigeria, Zenith Bank permits its customers to transfer funds to any kind of Zenith Bank or Non-Zenith Bank account without having to go to the branch manually. You require the steps pointed out below to start Zenith bank mobile money transfer.

Dial *966*Amount To Be Transferred*Beneficiary Account Number# (age.g. *966*2000*1012576307#) to transfer the funds from your Zenith Bank account to another Zenith Bank account owner. In case, if the beneficiary person is utilizing a different bank accent, then you require to dial *966*1*Transfer Amount*Account Number of the Beneficiary# and confirm the exchange to initiate fund transfer. Doesn’t Zenith Bank Transfer Code make it easy?

In a couple of seconds, the amount you’ve required for transfer is debited from your Zenith Bank account and may be credited to the Beneficiary. You don’t want to download the Zenith Bank mobile phone App or any such thing to transfer funds.

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Final Words

Zenith Bank Transfer Code is very useful for undertaking standard transactional functions such as for example Recharge, Bill Payments, Fund Transfers, etc. You can also perform other pursuits by following the guidelines offered on your screen. Let us understand if you have any more questions or doubts regarding the Zenith Bank service.