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Here is all the information you need: how to login my credit card bank acount, pay bill online, pay by phone or payment address. Almost every major brand has cooperated with banks to issue their own co-branded credit cards. If you are a fan of a certain brand and like to buy their things, then co-branded credit cards are specially designed for you. (NOTE: Brands generally entrust the bank to handle all credit card-related matters, and most of the co-branded cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. Therefore, you will interact with the bank when you pay the credit card bill)

Costco is a US based, low-price wholesale retailer whom specialize in supplying customers with discounts many thanks to bulk buying. These are typically one of the largest account stores in the world with outlets all in lots of countries such as for example the UK and Australia, and they are also the largest retailer of wine in the world. This article provides information on the Costco credit card with details on rewards and card terms, with information on how to pay outstanding credit balances at the base.

Costco Credit Card Payment

The Costco credit card is issued by Citibank.

To make payments to your Costco  credit card, you can go to your bank with your credit details and make a payment from your checking account. You can rather arrange your bank to pay for your account for you, by filling in this form and delivering it to your bank. You can also make a single bank transfer, or send a check in the post. The details and banking information for cash transfers can be located on the American Express site. This page comes with the address for sending checks by mail in Europe.

Pay Online: Citibank online accounting makes it simple to manage your card and make online payments. To make your Costco credit card payment online mouse click the green “Online Payment” key below to login or register.

Costco Payment Button

Costco Credit Card Customer Service: The Costco Anywhere credit card customer service number is 1-800-528-4800.

Pay by Mail: The Costco credit card payment mailing address can be found below:

Citibank – Costco Anywhere Visa,
PO Box 78019
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8019

Please add your Costco account number on your check. Your account number is located on your statement. To guarantee your Costco payment is obtained on time it is recommended that you send your payment at the very least 5 business times prior to the deadline shown on your monthly payment statement.

The Costco Anywhere Credit Card

The Costco everywhere Credit Card is a credit card from Costco and Citibank. It is a quite popular card, getting a very large pleasure score, which provides you great cashback rewards for acquisitions made at Costco and many other locations. This card will act as both an Citibank credit card and a Costco account card, offering you all the benefits of Costco account while offering you the spending power of Citibank. Listed below are the cashback rewards:

You get fantastic travel protection with this card, with 24/7 access to emergency assistance all over the world. Car rental reduction and harm insurance is included at no extra expense, and the Global guide hotline implies you’re never alone when you need help. Citibank also gives you access to a wealth of savings and exclusives with numerous high-end merchants.

Typical APR is 15.24% for expenditures and balance transfers. APR for cash advances is 23.49%. These prices of interest can vary greatly based on the Prime Rate. If you pay down the outstanding balance in complete before the 25 time cut-off after the final billing pattern, then you pay no interest for the quantity you invest in the the following month. Penalty costs for late payments or came back payments tend to be up to $35. No over-limit fee. Full terms and conditions for this card can be located on the Costco credit card internet site.

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