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Here is all the information you need: how to login my credit card bank acount, pay bill online, pay by phone or payment address. Almost every major brand has cooperated with banks to issue their own co-branded credit cards. If you are a fan of a certain brand and like to buy their things, then co-branded credit cards are specially designed for you. (NOTE: Brands generally entrust the bank to handle all credit card-related matters, and most of the co-branded cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. Therefore, you will interact with the bank when you pay the credit card bill)

Capital One Credit Card Payment

You can make payments using a number of methods:

Pay Online: When you signal up for a Capital One Classic Credit Card, you will have a way to quickly set up an online account. With this you can arrange payments, such as for example bank transfers and direct debits, to keep your card payments up to date. Direct debit can be applied for through online banking, after which your chosen bank account will be charged for each statement immediately. To make your Capital One credit card payment online click the “Online Payment” key below to login or register.

Pay by Phone: The Capital One credit card customer service 800 number is 1-800-955-7070 in the US. The phone number for general customer service and account queries is 08444 812 812 in the UNITED KINGDOM. Further contact information and addresses for postal payments can be found here in the British and here in the US.

Online Payment Button

Overview of Capital One Timeless Credit Card

The Capital One Classic Credit Card is a card designed for those who may have had credit problems in the last, though want to rebuild their credit rating for the future. In return for getting a card where other people might not accept you, this card has a fairly large basic APR, and no basic prices on purchases, cash distributions or balance transfers. People with a poor credit history should anticipate to receive a low credit limitation, though if you manage the account properly and make all payments on time then your restriction can be increased from 6 months. There are a few benefits with Capital One, including a convenient smart phone application and the Capital One eXtras plan, gives you discounts on daily expenditures.

Capital One Rates Of Interest and Terms

UK Rates

General APR is 34.94% adjustable on balance transfers, distributions and acquisitions. The minimal credit limit provided on this card is £200, with a maximum of £1,500 (amount may increase if you keep on good terms with the account). No annual charge. Late payment cost and came back payment charge is £12. If you pay the complete balance of your account by the deadline then there is no interest payable for the next statement. Balance transfer managing charge is 3% of transmitted amount. Money withdrawal cost is either £3 or 3% of money withdrew.

US Rates

For the US Capital One MasterCard there is additionally a one off $100 extra payment supplied, when a cardholder uses $500 or more on their particular Capital One money Credit Card in the first 3 months of becoming an user. The intro APR is 0% on expenditures and balance transfers until October 2012 with the price increasing to 12.9per cent up to 20.9per cent variable APR after that, depending on a cardholder’s creditworthiness.

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