Walmart Gift Card Activation, Setting up a PIN and Checking Balance Guide

Gift cards are pre-loaded cards with a sum of money on it. Generally they behave as a debit card, nonetheless, they may be able only be utilized at a chain of shops, or the store where you have purchased the gift card from.

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Walmart Gift Card Activation

Activation of the Walmart Gift Card is not needed if you have a gift card with a worth under $250, you can simply spend that amount on your purchases.

If your gift card has actually a value of a lot more than $250, an official e-mail from Walmart is likely to be delivered to your subscribed email address. The e-mail includes the password, as well as the instructions for the Walmart Gift Card activation process.

If you believe that you need help, you can feel free to dial 1-800-411-7942 to contact Walmart Gift Card support – Monday to Friday between (7:30 am – 5:00 pm) or you can e-mail:


Walmart Gift Card Balance Check

This will be an easy process, just go to the official page on Walmart’s site to check the balance. You can click on the website link below which shall direct you to the page:


Then you require to enter the details asked on the web page that include:

The web page will likely then authenticate your details and flash your card balance on the next page.

If you should require assistance during this procedure, you can check out your closest Walmart store to request your card balance or dial 1-888-537-5503.

To discover your closest Walmart store place, you can see Walmart’s Store locator web page (Address:

Walmart Gift Card PIN

The PIN is located at the bottom right spot on the straight back of the gift card, scratch-off to discover the PIN.

In situation you don’t have the PIN present on your card, you can replace your card at Walmart or Sam’s Club in the US, with the same quantity of balance and make use of the PIN on your brand-new card for online expenditures. Register Gift Card Process

You can register five gift cards at once on your account if you aren't preparing to make use of them immediately. The procedure of registering your gift cards onto your account can be as follows:


The gift cards conserved in your Walmart account will likely be securely kept until you utilize them and to make it easy, you don’t require the PIN to redeem your gift card.


How to use Walmart Gift Card in Online Purchases?

The procedure for utilizing your gift card for an online buy really is easy:

If you have purchased a lot more than the quantity in your gift card then you will have to pay the staying balance through your debit or credit card or with another gift card.

If you have purchased not as much as the balance of your gift card, then the remaining balance may be available in your gift card for future purchases.

Stores where you can use your Walmart Gift Card

Walmart Gift Cards may be used at the selected stores which consists of,,, Walmart or Sam’s Club Stores, or at any gasoline section of Walmart or Sam’s Club.

But, a 10% surcharge will likely to be included to your buy if you 're going to utilize a Walmart Gift Card in a Sam’s Club store and are not a member of Sam’s Club.

If you have a Sam’s Club Card, then check away our Sam’s Club Credit Card Login Guide which will show you how to login and make payments.

Stolen or Lost Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart takes no responsibility for the gift cards as soon as purchased from them. It is completely the purchasers duty when the the gift card happens to be purchased and it will not be replaced should the gift card be lost or taken. For this explanation, it is best to save yourself your gift cards into your account.