Union Bank Transfer Code- Transfer Money from Union Bank

The main use of the Union Bank Transfer code service is to enable its consumers to transfer funds to just about any bank account without internet connectivity. Although, there are many other benefits of Union Bank USSD code service since most of the people make use of it moving funds only. Thus, the name Union Bank Transfer code is much more popular and trusted by Nigerians.

Union Bank Account Holders can access the USSD code service at anytime from everywhere in the globe to perform specific types of banking businesses. Nonetheless, to get of the service, you will have to register and activate the center for your Union Bank account. You may follow the below-mentioned steps in situation if you’re not aware of the registration procedure of Union Bank Transfer code service.

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How To Register For Union Bank Transfer Code

Make sure you have the debit card and the mobile number subscribed with your Union bank account available with you to complete the registration process. Go forward with the below steps to perform the registration procedure.

  1. You need to dial *826# from your phone number to get going.
  2. Pick the first choice (Mobile Banking) and send to continue more.
  3. Type in your Union Bank account number carefully on the next display.
  4. Create a sturdy four-digit PIN and note it down someplace for future use.
  5. Now enter the last six digits of your Debit card to complete the registration process.

The pin that you have registered in the fourth step will act as an agreement code to approve transnational activities on your Union Bank account. Additionally, hold in mind that your Debit card must be active, expired debit cards can't be made use of to carry out the registration process.

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How To Use Union Bank Transfer Code

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As mentioned previously, there are lots of benefits of Union Bank Transfer code, aside from only moving funds. You may look at the following guides to understand the features of the Transfer code facility and how to properly make use of them. Make certain you keep in mind the four-digit pin that you entered during the registration procedure.

To Transfer Funds From Your Account

You is capable of doing inter-bank or Intra bank fund transfers utilizing the Transfer code service of Union Bank. The a valuable thing is the fact that you don’t have to visit the part or remember the Union Bank IFSC code of the beneficiary to transfer funds. Follow the below-provided instructions to carry out the transfer.

For Union To Union Bank account transfers, you require to dial *826*1*Enter the Amount to Transfer*Union Bank Account Number of receiver# and submit. Make certain to follow the format mentioned above correctly. Usually, it won’t work. Now enter the four-digit PIN to confirm the transaction! That’s it!


For Union Bank to different Bank account transfers, you need to dial *826*2*Amount To Be Transferred*Bank account number of the receiver# and submit.

The entered quantity would be transferred immediately to the beneficiary account, and your account may be debited instantly. Before authorizing the deal, make sure you’ve entered the proper account number.

Union Bank Balance Code

You can make use of the USSD code service for Union Bank Balance check, switch *826# from your subscribed phone number. You will instantly receive a message showing your latest account balance depending on the bank records.

You can use the Transfer code service for various other things as well, such as for instance spending for Airtime Balance, having to pay electric bills, etc. choose the proper option of the service you would really like to use whenever caused.

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Final Words

Although, it’s quite a convenient function from Union Bank, being able to perform many transnational activities from the comfort of your home. However, you can find restrictions to this service, that may differ from account to account. Go ahead and contact your bank to learn details. Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the registration.