TX smiONE Card Login, Payments and Benefits Guide

The smiONE Visa Prepaid Card is granted by The Bancorp Bank, an user of FDIC. It's appropriate for making kid help payments without calling for a local bank account. As Bancorp Bank is a member of FDIC, this ensures that every exchange made with the card is FDIC insured.

It's a Visa endorsed card and may be used everywhere Visa is accepted. The smiONE card has all the features being included on a prepaid card. This permits Texan families to have the ability to make payments on their child support system reliably, that is important for the other parent/primary carer.

Benefits of TX smiONE Card

  1. You will have a way to pay any expenses utilizing your card.
  2. You can set up alerts and notifications for any task on the card through SMS or e-mail.
  3. Cashbacks tend to be awarded on expenditures.
  4. You are also ready to transfer cash.
  5. There clearly was 24/7 access to Customer help.
  6. You can truly add extra cardholders and the card comes with no credit check.
  7. FDIC insured

The kid assistance payments made through the smiONE Tx Payment Card are prompt – (Child support division obtains these payments after 1-2 days of time).

Table of Contents


smiONE Visa Prepaid Card Enrolment Process

You can apply for the smiONE Card by two different ways:

  1. Online Enrolment Method
  2. Telephone Enrolment Method

Online Enrolment Method

The online enrolment for a smiONE Visa Prepaid Card can be carried out through your profile on the CSI (Child Support Interactive) platform at www.childsupport.oag.state.tx.us.


smiOne Card Florida Child Support

Florida moms and dads can register by themselves through the link below:


If you have actuallyn’t opened your account yet, you can simply do that by clicking on the ‘Apply for Services’ part on the after web page:


Telephone Enrolment Method

If you decide for  this method, call the Texas State Disbursement product by dialling the number (800)252-8014. You will be asked to supply details regarding your account and to confirm your identity.

Activation of smiONE Visa Prepaid Card

Your will require to activate your card before you utilize it for the first time. To activate it:


smiONE Card Login Process

To Login into your smiONE account follow these steps:

If you tend to be a brand-new user seeing the website for the first time:


smiONE Card Money Loading Method

You can add on money in your smiONE Visa Prepaid Card by Direct Deposit method or you may use Merchant services such: MoneyGram, west Union, and Visa ReadyLink.

Nonetheless, you will not be able to use the Merchant services technique for the Texas Payment Card program.

You may also transfer your Tax Refund Money to your smiONE Visa Prepaid Card, nevertheless you require to have tax reimbursement pointed out under your title. For this, you will have to include Routine Number along with Account Number in your taxation return type.

Balance Check

You can check your balance using the next practices:

  1. Check your balance through an ATM (Charges may apply).
  2. By logging in to your account at smionecard.com.
  3. As an alternate, you also can call the Customer Service number situated on the back of your smiONE Prepaid Card.

smiONE Card App

You can download both the smiONE Visa Prepaid Card app and the Platinum smiONE Visa Prepaid Card app on android and ios platform. The following backlinks will direct you to the grab pages:

  1. smiONE Visa Prepaid Card- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gpsrv.smi&hl=en_US
  2. Platinum smiONE Visa Prepaid Card- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smi.m360.cardholder&hl=en_US
  1. smiONE Visa Prepaid Card- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/smione-visa-prepaid-card/id794656807
  2. Platinum smiONE Visa Prepaid Card- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/platinum-smione-visa-prepaid/id1147476680

You may use the app to add money onto your card, see your account summary, set up notifications and notifications, or make any payments.

Miscellaneous Details