Rewards, Registration and Customer Service Guide

If you’re a regular Wyndham customer, not merely you’re the happy visitor, but also you get to find a few rewards with the resorts.

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All the qualified individuals needs to be 18 years or above and hold a legal residency in the US.

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Benefits of belonging to the Club Wyndham Rewards Program

If you desire to register to get the benefits by Wyndham resort, one needs to supply their appropriate details including name, email address, and owner number.


If you’ve inquiries regarding the perk registration, one can contact the customer assistance available for trading days. On Saturday and Sunday, customer assistance will remain closed.

The club locations available to register for perk program consist of Destin, Alexandria Old Town, Kona, Branson, Cypress Palms, and Daytona Ocean Walk.

Wyndhan Club Customer support service

The corporate company headquarters for Wyndham is based at 22 Sylvan Way Parsippany.


What are the eye-catching rewards available with the travel program?

At Wyndham, you get some fantastic reward choices with your vacation. Check out the rewards below:

In some preferred membership categories, one can enjoy availing discounts on golf, gift cards, pizza coupons, motion picture seats, and stay at the resort.

Additionally, the resort features cordial relations with 121,000 exchanges readily available for getaway and properties readily available at rent within 110 nations. That seems amazing!

Why should you enrol in the club rewards program?

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