LIC Merchant Portal – Registration and Login Guide (2021)

LIC Merchant – LIC (life insurance coverage Corporation) of Asia was started in the 12 months of 1956, right after the Life Insurance Of Asia Act ended up being passed by the parliament.  LIC is probably the only public industry insurance carrier in India, with a merger of over 240 insurance firms and provident societies. At the moment, LIC is the biggest insurance provider in Asia with a whopping number of 2000 branches all over the country. The corporation has around 15 lakh subscribed agents to obtain the policies. From terms of insurance to saving financial investment items, lifestyle Insurance Corporation providers all sorts of insurance policies in Asia.

The firm has actually an excellent existence both in Urban and rural components of the country. The organization has actually thousands of formally signed up merchants for the single purpose of obtaining premiums from the policyholders and to update the policy details. Today, in this informative article, we’ll be showcasing the LIC Merchant login portal and additionally assist you with the process of logging into your merchant account on the portal.

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What Is LIC Merchant Portal

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The vital and essential component is to ensure timely payments of premiums after purchasing the Life Insurance Policy from the company. The representatives /people/ Individuals who are straight included in gathering the payment of premium are known as LIC Merchants. The internet portal of LIC Merchant needs an ID and password to log in and access the resources provided by the business for upgrading policy details and to achieve policy advanced collection.


LIC Merchant Portal is unique to the representatives or people who are officially connected to or used by the business. General users or the public cannot log in on the portal or access its content. If you aren’t a LIC Agent and reading this article, then, regrettably, you’re at a workplace.


LIC Agent Portal Login Process

Merchants can easily log in to their particular reports using the internet portal from everywhere and at any time. The online tools that are offered on the LIC Merchant let you upgrade or modify the plan details and know the schedules or dates of plan premiums collection. You may possibly also see the policies and their associated details on the LIC merchant site.

In purchase to login into your LIC Agent Portal, you will have to go through the following steps properly:-

  1. First of all, visit the official site of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) on your internet browser to get going.
  2. Under the Online Services menu, select the Merchant Portal choice to continue further in the procedure.
  3. Confirm the redirection on your browser and click the “Login” choice on the next web page.
  4. As soon as the login web page is packed, enter username and password in the appropriate industries.
  5. After entering the qualifications, you require to resolve the tricky question and enter its answer in the below industry.
  6. Ensure all the details that you have registered on the website are correct and struck submit to continue.

Within a few seconds, you may be logged into a merchant account wherein you is capable of doing numerous tasks like viewing or editing guidelines, arranging premium payment collection, etc. There are not any additional steps or any kind of installation required in purchase to login to your LIC merchant account.

How To Reset LIC Merchant Account Password

As you may have realized, it’s mandatory to have a login name and password in purchase to login to your merchant account on the LIC portal. In situation, if you don’t keep in mind the password of your account, then you’ll have to reset it by after the below-mentioned steps. You will be able to login to your account like before after the password to your account is effectively reset.

  1. Get started by going to the official website of LIC on your computer system or smartphone.
  2. Now proceed to the Merchant Portal option which will be positioned under the Online Services tab.
  3. Click on the “Forgot Password” alternative under the Login option on the website to start the process.
  4. On the next page, you will have to enter your individual ID and email address and hit the Submit alternative.
  5. You will receive a brand-new password on your email address that can easily be utilized to login to your merchant account.

Make certain to enter and publish the correct user ID along with the current email address that is connected or subscribed with your account. Within a couple of moments of submitting, you will receive a new password for your merchant account. Merely head over the login page, enter your login name and the password that you have received in the mail.

How To Change LIC Merchant Account Login Password

LICmerchant portal permits individuals to transform their login password at any time. If you’re excited to setting up a brand new password or altering the existing one, then you will have to do the after steps precisely. While setting up a new password, make yes to enter the correct combo of words and follow the instructions.

  1. Go to the LIC merchant Login Portal by clicking on the aforementioned link on your web browser.
  2. Under the login option, you will discover the “Change Your Password” alternative, simply click about it.
  3. On the next screen, you is asked to enter your account details and passwords.
  4. Enter your individual title, and existing password of your merchant account along with the brand new password.
  5. In the last field, confirm your brand-new password and hit the Reset choice to finish the process.

You will get a notification on your email confirming the modification of password for your LIC merchant account. It may take a short while for the e-mail to show up, but, your password will likely be instantly altered and you will be able to login using the brand-new password on the internet portal.

Customer Care Helpline For Login Issues

LIC Merchants who are unable to login to their merchant account on the web portal are expected to contact the helpline numbers immediately. Preferably, you wouldn’t face any issues or have any difficulty logging into the licmerchantportal account. Make sure to check you have entered the correct credentials on the website and also decide to try carrying out a password reset as a last resort.

If none of the above works, then it’s better to contact the helpline numbers being shared below. Or you may drop a contact if you’re dealing with any trouble with the resources on the merchant portal.


Helpline Numbers:-  022-67090501/022-67090502

Customer care mail address:– /

Or you can see this link to contact them.

Final Words

Well, I suppose this is certainly going to be the end of this informative article. If you’re an LIC agent or merchant, then I hope the article would prove to be helpful. It’s completely safe to make use of the merchant portal to perform different tasks with out to be concerned about danger. The online web portal is available from everywhere in the nation at all times. Let me know in the commentary below if you need any more assistance with the LIC Merchant login process.