Greendot Card Activation, Registration and Loading Funds Guide

All you require is a Green Dot Card to hold you from holding cash or perpetually entering financial obligation making expenditures with your credit card. With a Green Dot Debit Card you don’t have to be concerned about the risk of dropping your cash or entering debt with credit card payments and fees.

You may use your card in the in an identical way you use your debit card after loading it with cash. You can use it to make expenditures both online and in-store. You may also make payments everywhere where Green Dot Card is acknowledged.

With your Green Dot Card, you don’t have to be worried about minimum balance or bank overdraft once again.

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How does the Green Dot Debit Card actually work?

Before we hop into the activation part, it is crucial to know how the card actually works. The Green Dot Card comes no-cost without credit checks when you buy it online.


You have to make 5 % cash back benefits with the Visa Green Dot Card. Just by only doing your normal shopping with your card, you have yearly up to $100 or more.

There is also a monthly maintenance charge with the Green Dot Cards, but you can disregard it when loading your card up to $1,000 or even more any month.

How to activate your Green Dot Card

You should pay attention to the most significant component that is your Green Dot Card  Activation process. Like any other bank cards, you will even receive your card inactive. To protect you from any feasible fraud only in case your card got stolen on transportation.


After you have received your card, it shouldn’t simply take you a lot more than a couple of minutes to activate your Green Dot Card. Here are the after steps on how to register your Green Dot Card:

  1. Go to the website of Green Dot at
  2. From then on, this will simply take you to a page where you will ask to enter your 16 digits card number, your card conclusion time, and the three-digit CVV code.
  3. Then mouse click on the “Continue” icon.
  4. Eventually, a brand-new web page will open up, and you will have to enter your title, address, and your date of delivery.

When all this work procedure is complete, your Green Dot Card happens to be energetic. Nevertheless, you can make use of it just after you load cash into your card.

Activate your Green Dot Card by Phone

There is also an alternative solution way, where you can activate your Green Dot Card through the phone. By simply dialing the customer service at 1-866-795-7597. When you get to connect to the line, follow the instruction to activate your card.

How to deposit cash to your Green Dot Card

First of all, you will have to load your card with cash before heading out to the store or making any purchases online. You can make your deposit in numerous ways: