Does Walmart Cash Checks? How to Cash a Check at Walmart

The news has got aside and Walmart is cashing checks at any of their regional shops. The Walmart check cashing plan is fairly useful where service is reliable, convenient and fast.

Walmart’s check cashing policy is made in a way that you don’t even require to have a bank account to cash your check. And you don’t also require to get signed up to access the service.

It’s a very easy and easy process to get the cash from your check.

Kinds of Checks Walmart is Cashing

Walmart’s Money Center is going to cash differing kinds of checks. Just the people which fall under it’s accepted forms of checks.

The policy includes payroll checks, income tax reimbursement checks, government checks, insurance settlement checks, cashier’s checks and any two-party individual checks that are up to the amount of $200. 401k. Pension disbursement checks are also included in the policy.


Walmart can also be cashing in MoneyGram money purchases but just on the problem that they must certanly be purchased originally at Walmart.

To see if your check is eligible for cashing or not, you can verify at the Customer Service desk.

Walmart is going to cash a check provided that it really is pre-printed.


Check Cashing Process at Walmart

According to the Walmart check cashing policy you don’t need to do all kinds of registration to access the service, or have a bank account to cash your check at Walmart.

To cash your check visit your closest Walmart Money Center with your endorsed check and all kinds of picture verification document.

The documents being needed in the procedure tend to be:

  1. Valid Government-issued Identification cards, such as Driving License or Passport
  2. You have to provide your SSN (Social Security Number).

These exact things if presented along at the service table will make the process very quickly and easy.

After the verification of the documents, you’ll be provided with your cash in a few moments.

Walmart Check cashing Fees and Limitations

If this news emerged everyone else had a major common question that, “How much does Walmart fee to cash a check?” and “What is the Walmart check to cash fees?”.


Therefore, Walmart charges $4 as transaction fees for cashing checks up to the amount of $1000 and a cost of $8 for cashing an amount between $1001 and $5000.


Whereas in the case of two-party individual checks, Walmart just permits the optimum amount to cash $200 for which $6 will likely be charged as the deal fees.

And if you are cashing your check of quantity significantly more than $5000 during the January to April period, Walmart will check due to their customer service division to know the maximum fees.

You can also reload your prepaid Walmart MoneyCard with the cash you received after cashing the check for which you will never be recharged any reload charge which is of $3.

Walmart establishes the restriction at $5000 for a single check cashing deals. But Walmart has grown this limitation briefly to $7500 for the period of January to April.

Nonetheless, Walmart features restricted the check-cashing deals to 3 in a time for the quantity of significantly less than $5000.

Overall, Walmart check to cash service is very fast, inexpensive and dependable also convenient.

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Walmart additionally permits you to make a rooms to go payment using Walmart Bill Pay.