Aeon Credit Card Payment

Aeon Credit Services

Make your Aeon credit card payment online. Aeon Credit Service are a Malaysian based credit provider offering credit payment services across the china, including Indonesia and Japan. They feature a range of overall performance Gold Cards and Classic Cards with Visa or MasterCard, with plenty of exclusive card-holder benefits aimed at frequent spenders and exclusive benefits for travel and accommodation. This guide addresses the significant cards that Aeon provides, and information on how to make payments with the card.

Aeon Credit Card Payment and Account Login

Aeon credit card balances can be paid through Aeon credit service outlets, or deposit money devices. For Aeon credit limbs and non-prescription service centers, payments can be made by money deposit or check. Self-service terminals such automated teller devices, cash deposit devices and check deposit machines are available through a number of finance companies. Online banking can be applied for convenient credit card management. To make your Aeon credit card payment online mouse click the green “Online Payment” button below to login or register.

Aeon Credit Services Online Payment Button

To make payments by phone or mail, you needs to locate a local branch and find out the address and phone number – there is a list of the Aeon branch network available right here.

Aeon Credit Cards

Aeon offer the Vintage and Gold Visa/MasterCard with annual rates of interest of 13.5%-17.5% on borrowing from the bank and an annual cost between RM30 and RM95 with extra supplementary charges. These rates additionally use to the new range of Aeon cards and the Aeon Express Card. The Aeon Zing card is a supplementary pre-paid card which can be linked with the customer’s Aeon credit account, which can be topped up and used at T’nG card reader locations. All of Aeon’s major credit cards provide additional pre-paid cards, which can be properly used for over-18’s.

The yearly borrowing interest rate is either Tier 1 (13.5%) which is available when you total year of prompt payment settlement, Tier 2 (16.0%) for people just who finalize 10 out of year, or level 3 (17.5percent) which is for prompt settlement is below 10 months of the year.

Credit Card Features

There are good features for spending on Aeon credit cards, including a 20-day interest free period on retail purchases, and an extensive privilege vendor list that provides rewards and discounts at participating merchants, and global travel assistance. Aeon additionally provide the Cruize Visas Gold, providing benefits and privileges relating to automobiles and time invested on the roadway. Aeon are partnered with many hotels and travel services to provide better services and cost savings while you tend to be traveling. Aeon cards provide cash advances made use of against your card at reasonable interest levels.

Flexible payment plans can be found for larger Aeon credit card expenditures with a one-off interest rate of 2.5% (six months) to 5.5per cent (18 months). Minimum monthly payment is 5% of the outstanding balance, and belated payment fees comprise of 1% of the outstanding amount. For customer queries and guidance, the customer service number for Aeon is 03-2719 9999.

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